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Easy Rider & Pink Floyd 66-67

I can’t recall if it was a conscious decision but our third event followed the same formula as the two that preceded it – a cult film which most people won’t have seen in a cinema before supported by an obscure something which, at the very most, would only have had a limited run of midnight screenings in our capital which is called London.

And yet our night on Thursday 19th July was something of a departure from the anime/sci-fi bent of the first two events.  We travelled back to the mid-to-late 60s to chart the rise of the British and the fall of the American counterculture movements, whilst paying our dues to two remarkable filmmakers, Dennis Hopper and Peter Whitehead, in a little something we called The 180 Minute Technicolour Dream.

Here are some lovely pictures on a flickr slideshow type thingy.

Here’s a playlist of Peter Whitehead clips and pop promos that we started the evening with…

…before we all watched Pink Floyd London 66-67

And then after the interval, during which we played some of this…

…we all watched Easy Rider.

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